Steven N. Severinghaus

New York, NY
(217) 419-0304


I am a full-stack developer with seventeen years of professional experience and am seeking opportunities to apply my skills in ways that make people’s lives better. I love making tools work together, exploring data, and finding ways to help people be more productive with technology.

Primary Skills

  • ColdFusion, PHP, JSP, AJAX
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres
  • Scripting, Ant, CVS, Subversion, data transformation
  • Apache, Weblogic, Linux
  • Java, PHP, Perl, Python, UserRPL, and more!


More details, links, examples, and other interesting projects are
available in my curriculum vitae.

2008 — 2014: Gargoyle Technologies, Inc.

  • Built and deployed a geospatial fiber-optic network management system with Google Maps, Google Earth, and mobile front ends; middle layers in Perl and PHP; and a PostgreSQL database.
  • Moved the company’s public website into a content management system (Drupal); customized and deployed Drupal e-commerce sites for clients.
  • Developed a web-based customer support system that allowed non-experts to diagnose network problems, integrated with a technician scheduling and trouble ticket system.
  • Managed a large and diverse ecosystem of mostly Linux-based servers and network components, including automation of software updates, configuration management, and backup and recovery systems.

2006 — 2008: Urban Programs, U of I Extension

  • Improvements and feature additions to existing web applications: podcasting, web-to-print,
    AJAX, and sharing new knowledge with coworkers.
  • Rapid, team-oriented development of a number of smaller, content-focused websites.

2002 — 2006: Illinois TRAILL, UIUC

  • Built the Illinois TRAILL website, a portal for experts at the University of Illinois to disseminate
    information on various extension and livestock topics.
  • Set up and customized an online store for Illinois TRAILL to sell class materials and other media for the
    Department of Animal Sciences.
  • Many other smaller web applications: networking, business tools, resource management.

2002 — 2003: Web Technology Group, UIUC

  • Built a templated website for the Office of Continuing Education that allowed people unfamiliar
    with web publication to easily create new content.
  • Began work on the Illinois TRAILL web portal for experts at UIUC to share their work and
    expertise with the livestock and agriculture community.

2000 — 2002: MedExpert International, Inc.

  • Designed and implemented the database access layer for a multi-tier enterprise application.
  • Worked with a small team to implement an integrated set of simple, complete web applications.

1998 — 2000: Corps of Engineers Research Lab

  • Designed and implemented a web front-end for a package that models effects of military smokes
    and obscurants on threatened and endangered species. I presented a on this project at the ESRI
    International User Conference in 2000.
  • Prototyped an interactive map repository for the Marine Corps base in 29 Palms, CA.


  • Graduated from the University High School in Champaign-Urbana in
    1998. There I studied Russian for four years (continued at UIUC
    for two semesters) and Japanese for one year.
  • Completed a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science at the
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August, 2006.