Professional Portfolio

For a condensed view of the photography I've done as a professional, take a look at my portfolio.


My print store represents my best work. High quality prints are available at many sizes and in many finishes, with all kinds of mounting options.


Follow my latest photography on Flickr. I select my best photos from my outings and post them here, so it's a mix of nature, city sights, travel, food, people, music, and other experiences. I have posted thousands of photos, so you might want to browse through my collections or just jump straight to the best.


I am a regular if not necessarily avid Instagram user.

Ye Olde Gallery

Back in the day, I was very much into the Gallery open source project. I wrote the first map module that let you geolocate your photos on a Google map, and I wrote the first RSS feed module. I don't post to it anymore, but it's a window into my life at the time.

The Story

I have been taking photos off and on since I was a kid. My parents had a nice Pentax SLR that I would get to use occasionally. We also had a spotting scope and a nice microscope, and we had K-mount adapters for both, so I was able to do some astrophotography and microphotography.

I stopped taking photos toward the end of high school as other interests took over. In 2001, I bought my first camera, an Olympus E-10 DSLR. I loved it. I used that camera for several years, until I started doing photography as part of my job at the university, where I was able to use a much better camera, a Fuji S2 Pro. After that job, and with my Olympus no longer useful, I ended up with a little Sony W80 point-and-shoot and was no longer taking photos seriously.

In 2008, I purchased my Nikon D300, mostly in anticipation of my trip to Belgium and the Nürburgring. I've been taking photos constantly ever since. My main photography vocation now is as a volunteer for the High Line, where my photos are frequently featured both online and in print publications. I also do a lot of photography at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and around Prospect Park. I also contribute some of my photographs to Wikipedia. And of course it's fun when Gothamist uses my photos.