Prints For Sale

I have been sharing my photos online for many years now. With few exceptions, I post them at quite low resolution, under a Creative Commons license that allows you to use and share them. However, there wasn't any easy way to get high-quality prints of my photos. Now there is!

I have posted many of my best photos there, including highlights from the High Line, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, all around New York City, and some of my best bird and arthropod photos. If you ever see anything on Flickr of mine that you'd like a print of, just let me know, and I'll make it available for purchase.

Night Owl

What sounds like a great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) hoots while I take photos of Orion late at night at Bloomfield Farm.

Whistle Of My Whistle

Pioneering work in the field of barbershop by Rafi, John, Kofi, and myself. This research, conducted late at night at Twins Pub in Hell's Kitchen after a Voices of Gotham rehearsal, has numerous applications, everywhere from car alarms to dispersing audiences. The tune is a barbershop standard, "Heart Of My Heart". Thanks to Rafi (or blame Rafi) for the recording!


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