Whistle Of My Whistle

Pioneering work in the field of barbershop by Rafi, John, Kofi, and myself. This research, conducted late at night at Twins Pub in Hell's Kitchen after a Voices of Gotham rehearsal, has numerous applications, everywhere from car alarms to dispersing audiences. The tune is a barbershop standard, "Heart Of My Heart". Thanks to Rafi (or blame Rafi) for the recording!

Throat singing clip and spectrogram

Here is a quick clip of me doing some throat singing. I sing an "oo" vowel at about 165 Hz (E below middle C), visible as the red bar along the bottom, then transition to a shape that emphasizes the eighth overtone of that fundamental, 8*165 Hz = 1320 Hz. So that's three octaves (2^3 = 8) higher, the E two above middle C, just out of my falsetto singing range. I then go up the harmonics, which you can see as steps of 165 Hz in the spectrogram, up to 1980 Hz (a high B), far outside my singing range.

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