MP3s becoming more expensive than CDs?

I heard a piece of music last night, "Variations for the Healing of Arinushka" by one of my favorite composers, Arvo Pärt, on the local (but not really local anymore) classical radio station WILL FM 90.9. I noted down the title before falling asleep.

Today, I headed to Amazon to see if I could find an album with this particular recording of the piece by Kalle Randalu, an Estonian pianist. It turns out this track is from the soundtrack of Ken Burns' film "The War", and not surprisingly, there's a lot of other great music on the soundtrack. So I was a click away from buying the MP3 version, when I thought I might as well check the CD version and see if there were any additional tracks on it.

There weren't, but guess what? The MP3 album ($9.99) costs $2 more than the CD ($7.98)! What the hell? I hope this is an accident and not the start of a trend. I might as well pirate the MP3s while the CD is in the mail.


I've experienced the same thing. Record companies must make out like bandits selling MP3 albums. I bought a CD with 20 tracks for $12.00, as it would have cost me $20.00 to buy the MP3 version. Go figure.