Some artists I'm listening to

I heard "The King's Hunting Jig" on WILL a week or two ago and got the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble album from Amazon MP3. Having sung barbershop for several years now, I've developed a taste and respect for ensembles that have this sort of tight harmony and perfect intonation. Other musicians that have struck a chord with me recently: The King's Singers (listen to Greensleeves!), the Kassiopeia Quintet (Gesualdo's madrigals), and Moira Smiley & Voco (their performance at BLEMF was on Harmonia recently).

If you use, I made a pipe for recently weekly artists (for a given user), since they don't seem to deliver that information in RSS format for some reason. The whole point of this post was to share a link to the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble from my feed and show how nicely information can flow from one place to another, but Google Reader stripped all the links out of my note. Fix it, Google!

Also nice: moc and lastfmsubmitd.