How Much Is Inside Reusable Bags?

It turns out you can put about 20 lbs or so (~10 kg) of groceries into one of these sturdy reusable grocery bags that cost $1.25 (~€0.10) at Schnucks.Groceries

One of the cabinets under my kitchen sink is stuffed full of these wimpy, plastic grocery bags. There must be around a hundred of them in there at this point. The only reuse I get out of them is to take lunch into work. I decided I should start bringing my own bag, so I bought these reusable bags from Schnucks at five for $4.

They're great! It turns out I can stuff over 20 lbs of groceries into just one bag: all that stuff pictured above except the gallon of milk, which provides a good size reference. As a revealing comparison, I've lost about one and a half reusable bags worth of weight since I started working out regularly in January.

Head to to find out how much is inside other stuff.


so what do you use now to stow your lunch in?