Blue Goat

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What can I say; you can really taste the goat.

I first had Blue Goat about a year or so ago at Crane Alley, and I've been looking for it (very passively) ever since. It is good stuff. It's slightly fruity in the nose, not too complex, but not subtle either. It's a doppelbock, which I have recently learned means "double bock". So I guess more bock is better.

It turns out Radio Maria (beware: Flash) is the place to get it. Radio Maria is also the place to get date & blue cheese croquettes. I spent a couple of hours there last night after the hockey game, which was a blast as always; my voice is still recovering from all the heckling. We've got such a great team (just won the CSCHL championship!) and such rowdy fans, which are the perfect hockey combo.

I went to Dorcas yesterday evening before the game. I had the Ohsam Bul Go Gi, which couldn't have been better. Octopus, pork (sliced bacon-style), plenty of veggies, and a slightly sweet barbecuey sauce. Despite all the food and drink, my weight trajectory is still downward over the last week. I'm down about 30 pounds since January; about half way to my target weight around 200.

P.S.: First post from my new laptop. More on that later!