Northern Mockingbird

I recorded this northern mockingbird practicing its repertoire at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Below is a spectrogram of the recording.

Listen along to the recording! This is the spectrogram of a three-minute recording of a northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) singing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I made this using the spectrogram view in Audacity. There's no way to export it directly, so I took 36 screenshots scrolling through it and hit it up with ImageMagick.

for file in {00..36}; do convert m$file.png -crop 1469x560+143+137 d$file.png; done;
convert d{00..03}.png +append D0.png;
convert d{04..07}.png +append D1.png;
convert d{08..11}.png +append D2.png;
convert d{12..15}.png +append D3.png;
convert d{16..19}.png +append D4.png;
convert d{20..23}.png +append D5.png;
convert d{24..27}.png +append D6.png;
convert d{28..31}.png +append D7.png;
convert d{32..35}.png +append D8.png;
convert D*.png -append spectrogram_stacked.pngNorthern Mockingbird Spectrogram

A mockingbird of some sort, I believe.Loquacious Bird

Probably a different individual, from another visit to BBG.

Download:Audio icon mockingbird.mp3