If you have Java installed and enabled to run applets, you should get a window with a board and a black window that will indicate the justification for PickleMatrix's last move.

You will play lose as white. Here are the basic rules:

  • Your moves are placed on the grid intersections as in go, not on the squares as in chess.
  • First player to move generally plays at the center, marked by a green dot.
  • First player's second move must be on or outside the box outlined by the red dots.
  • You can capture enemy stones by surrounding two of your enemy's stones that are in a row (diagonally, horizontally, or vertically). For example, if the board has WBB_ somewhere, W can move at _ to capture the two B stones.
  • Capture five pairs of stones or get five in a row to win, though we both know you're not going to win.