BFG Firefighting

BFG: Firefighting Edition was sort of a successor project (and class) to the original BFG project. Our goal was to create a firefighting simulation that operated at a fairly high level: learning strategies for controling fires rather than the lower-level skills like pulling a hose or aiming a nozzle correctly.

I was head of the team tasked with developing the fire simulation. This turned out to be very difficult. It's not clear exactly what our success metric was. If it was "looks neat", I think we were quite successful. If it was "matches NIST test burns", we were a little further off the mark. What we did achieve is a somewhat realistic simulation, including air circulation, pyrolizing (which we hadn't even heard of previously), and heat conductivity, that could run in a space with a thousand data cells in real time.

It was also my first experience with Trac, which is a great code project management tool. It looks like ACM@UIUC has adopted it for a lot of their projects since they hosted BFGFF.