Steven N. Severinghaus

Steve Portrait

I am a developer with fifteen years of professional experience. I am seeking full-time employment in New York. I love making tools work together, exploring data, and finding ways to help people be more productive with technology. I am an avid photographer, a curious musician, and a nature nerd, and I look for ways to apply my skills to my hobbies. I currently serve as the senior developer at a mid-sized ISP.

Night Owl

What sounds like a great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) hoots while I take photos of Orion late at night at Bloomfield Farm.

Whistle Of My Whistle

Pioneering work in the field of barbershop by Rafi, John, Kofi, and myself. This research, conducted late at night at Twins Pub in Hell's Kitchen after a Voices of Gotham rehearsal, has numerous applications, everywhere from car alarms to dispersing audiences. The tune is a barbershop standard, "Heart Of My Heart". Thanks to Rafi (or blame Rafi) for the recording!


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